by on 04.05.2011

The Knocks have provided us with yet another 20 minute mini-mix to prep you for the next installment of POPSHOP NYC.  If you don’t have tickets for the best new live music club night in NYC make sure you get them HERE.  This mix includes music from all the performing acts as well as a couple new ones AND an exclusive off of the Knocks’ new ‘Same Old Songs’ EP.

1. “Eskimo Boy” – Strange Talk
2. “Ivy League Circus” – Gordon Voidwell
3. “Houseboat Babies” – Reptar
4. “Rich Doors” – New Villages
5. “Wait and See” – Holy Ghost!
6. “It’s The Same Old Song” (The Knocks Remix) – The Four Tops
7. “NASA” – Futurecop

If you didn’t download the past 4 POPSHOP mixes make sure to get them HERE

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