Ch!nch!lla – As If You Don’t Know
Ch!nch!lla – As If You Don’t Know
by on 19.02.2013

New York City has officially given birth to an electro-funk baby that goes by the name of Ch!nch!lla. Combining electronica, funk, reggae, dance, rock and hip-hop, the band delivers a high-energy/DJ inspired sound with heavy emphasis on melodic improvisation and experimentation. From rich, reggae inspired bass lines to production techniques that bring me back to my LCD Soundsystem days, you can definitely tell from their music the vast variety of Ch!nch!lla’s influences.

The band, who already has 2 EPs out, has just recently released their latest single, “As If You Don’t Know.” Warning you all now, these guys have soul, and their sound is contagious. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself walking down the street, singing along with Zach. Remember their name–though with a name like Ch!nch!lla, it won’t be hard to forget!

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